Flaws Not Found in Home InspectionHome inspectors sometimes miss an item that the buyer finds to be a potential liability on the part of the seller. Hire your own inspector before listing the house to give you the best assessment possible of all systems.

Watauga Texas House Buyers: When you are preparing to sell your house, it is a good idea to pay a home inspector to take a look around and tell you what might be faulty. The buyer traditionally hires his own inspector that is working in his best interest before he signs off on the purchase contract. The reason a seller is wise to get a pre-inspection before selling is so that there are no surprises that come up when the sale is in the bag and you’re making plans for your move to the next home.

If there is a question, for example, about the wiring in the house that the buyer didn’t think of earlier, the buyer’s inspection could come up with the problem in the report and the buyer could decide to look elsewhere for a home with upgraded electrical. If you know about it before you put the house on the market, you can choose to upgrade the wiring and avoid the problem.

Inspectors can miss things that would be important to the buyer. A plumbing leak, a gas leak in the yard, or similar hidden items can be overlooked during inspection but may become obvious at some other point in the sale process. If not, surely the problem will be found once the house is cleared out and the buyer moves in. That could cause you to receive a phone call asking you to make it right.

In booking an appointment with an inspector ask for a list of places that will be inspected 

When such a discrepancy is found, give the inspector a call and ask her to come back to the house. Sometimes the item in question can be easily fixed to the satisfaction of the buyer and all will be well. The best way to avoid this, however, is to get your own inspection ahead of listing your house. Avoid potential liability by giving the buyer your best effort at disclosing all problems as you know them.

In booking an appointment with an inspector”

  • Ask for a list of places that will be inspected so you’ll be able to clear around those areas and appliances.
  • Be sure to grant access to all areas to the inspector.
  • Clear out areas under the sinks and where plumbing leaks could occur so they aren’t missed.
  • Move your possessions and furniture from outlets, edges of the walls, and make sure the roof, attic, and basement have clear access to functional areas.
Happy Home Selling!

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