IMG_1940Born and raised in Fort Worth, John has had many years to become familiar with the city and nearly two decades to gain an expert level of experience and knowledge of the real estate market.

In 1999, at the age of nineteen, John started in real estate investing. Living in the property while completing the renovations himself, he learned a great deal about rehabbing. In August of 2000, John acquired his real estate license. The next few years brought success as a listing agent by reaching the distinction of top producer in his office, becoming a multi-million dollar producer, and winning awards from the Century 21 Corporation such as the Masters Ruby Award, Gold Producer, and the 21 Club.

John greatly values opportunities to continually sharpen his real estate knowledge and skills through education and experience. In 2004 he earned the GRI designation (Graduate Realtor Institute). Less than ten percent of agents nationwide have the GRI designation.

In 2005 and 2006, John sought continued investment education and learned about short sales and subject to deals to help homeowners facing the loss of their homes better understand the options available to them.

Through 2006 and 2007, John focused on buying, rehabbing, and selling nicer homes. Getting into larger rehab projects became both educational and fun. It was during this time that John first started utilizing private lenders.

With the shift of the local market in 2007, John’s interests turned to more of a buy and hold strategy in which utilizing private money became more beneficial for his business. He began holding properties, managing them, owner financing, and helping tenants get their credit repaired so they may be able to qualify for traditional lending in the future.

Also in 2007, John began to focus time and effort on his marketing strategy with mailers, websites, networking, and even radio spots. Employing tracking for advertising dollars spent and the results of those dollars enabled him to focus his efforts on the most fruitful marketing programs. Systems were put into place for all facets of his business: marketing, managing rehab projects, managing rentals, and administrative work. In 2008 John hired two part-time employees to assist with property management, advertising, and marketing follow up.

John implemented a shift in his personal life in 2008 with a commitment to spending more time with family and friends and to enjoying life. This partly led to the start of a non-profit called Covering Home, which helped the families of military personnel that have members stationed overseas and those that have been disabled in service. (Covering Home was absorbed by another organization in 2017).

In 2009 John first experienced the joy of mentoring other investors, which has become a great learning experience. This is also the year that John really began to challenge himself on all levels: mentally, physically, and spiritually. He decided to read one book a week, climbed the second highest mountain in the 48 states, formed a Mastermind investor group, and began more in-depth biblical studies. Near the end of 2009 John decided to get his Brokers License, and he passed the test to receive his license in January 2010.

With a desire for continual growth, John decided to expand his business in December 2011. With a good occupancy rate, a growing number of referrals from tenants, and the capacity for growth, John saw the opportunity to open up property management services to others. John hired a full-time property manager, who had 12 years of property management experience, to oversee the daily responsibilities of managing his properties. Now, John spends more time focused on continued business growth and oversight and management of all business activities.

2012-2015 brought exciting progress. John published his book “Attracting Private Money Lenders: And 17 Vital Keys To Creating Wealth While Building A Profitable Real Estate Investment Business”.  From the fall of 2013 through 2015 John enjoyed working with a large national real estate investment corporation, helping them acquire nearly 300 properties to add to their rental portfolio.  

In 2016 John founded a hard money lending business in Dallas Fort Worth providing financing to house flippers.  His experience in rehabbing, construction, and house sales enabled him to quickly grow DFW Hard Money.

John’s business continues to flourish as loan volume increases, he maintains his portfolio of properties in DFW,  and  occasionally flips properties. Managing multiple businesses, climbing mountains, and enjoying time with family and friends has provided much satisfaction for John.

Over the last eighteen years, John has been blessed with the use of millions of dollars in private and commercial funding as well as some mentorship. To constantly be learning and improving his business, John is involved in a coaching program that provides focus, education, encouragement, and a push to complete goals and objectives. This translates into a business transaction that achieves results and, at the same time, a pleasurable experience for those with whom John gets to do business.