Raving Fans

These testimonials are of two different types: 1. Sellers of houses that John bought.  2. Sellers and buyers that John represented as a Broker. There might be someone you know here!  Current count:  109 Testimonials

From houses that John bought:

Tena:  “John, I appreciate your honesty and flexibility while working with me on this property.  I like that you did everything in a legal manner.  Even though I had an offer for the property that was higher than your offer, I sold to you because I felt you were honest and reliable.  Thank you for working around my schedule and moving up the closing.”

Susan Belyeat: “John was very fair and understanding of my situation and the sell of my house.  I want to thank you for the help that you provided and I wish you the best in the future.  Thank you again for being so patient with me.” 

John Title: “It was very easy to work with Your Texas Home Buyers in the sale of my house.  The transaction was fast and smooth.”

Madison McWatters: “John was great on waiting while I dealt with my heart problems.  I would deal with John again if I had another house to sell because he is a stand up guy.”

David Morris: “John was most pleasant to work with on the sale of my house.  He returned calls and emails promptly.  He answered all questions, was fair in dealing on the property and was not pushy in the dealings.  Overall, a pleasant experience.”

Jerwin Burke: “Thanks so much for the fast transaction in buying all three of the houses we had in Granbury.  You are an excellent buyer!  A++”

Carol Waller: “John was an excellent business man.  He was the first person I called to buy our home.  I was happy with his promptness and willingness to work with us to buy our home.  I was reluctant to go this route, but John is 100% legitimate and trustworthy.  John made our new home dream a reality.”

Dimitrius & Donna Samudio: “We wanted to let you know how great it was working with you on the sale of our  house. From the very first meeting to the last, we were impressed by how easy it was to work with you in person, by phone and through email or faxes. We believe that you offered a fair price for our home, and you never tried to change the deal or add on additional restrictions. We really appreciate your working with us on getting the timing right on all the paperwork because we were in a contingency situation with the purchase of another home.  All in all, we would have no problem recommending your services to any of our friends or family members who are looking to move their properties quickly and easily.”

Jean Lane: “The business transaction on the sale of my house for cash was extremely well handled.  All of contacts with John were very inclusive of all information/questions I had asked.  I would recommend John as an outstanding person with whom to deal.”

Blake: “Everything went smooth and fast, closing only took 10 minutes, and that included a bathroom break.  This was the best way to go as I needed to sell my house fast. Everything was handled professionally and smoothly.”

Wayne Darsey: “There were 6 buyers looking at our property in Fort Worth.  Each one would make an offer and wanted an answer within 24 hours.  You were the only one laid back and in no hurry.  No pressure.  You were the only one that stayed in contact and did your follow up every 30 days.  When we got to the go stage, you were ready and got your staff in gear.  Your staff was very professional and extremely efficient.  Even with one owner passed away and no will and no probate on the property.  No problem for your staff.  They even went to the home of the historical witnesses for signatures on the proper forms.  The entire closing was within the time frame you gave us and the money was funded with no delays.  Given the complicated nature of home buying we were both impressed, and at our age we do not impress easily.  Great job John and thanks for hanging in there until we were ready.”

Jim Sullivan: “John, just wanted to send you a note to say thanks.  I had a house in Texas that I was leasing and it was in need of lot’s of repair live in Chicago and I was concerned about having someone to all the repairs properly with me being so far away.  I contacted you back in mid Dec. 2010 and we worked out a deal for you to purchase the home from me. We closed in mid Jan. 2011 30 days later.  Being so far away this was a big relief for me.  Thanks!”

Rob Fisher: “John, I just wanted to thank you for a no hassle transaction on the property in Fort Worth. I have bought and sold over 20 property’s in Texas, New Mexico and California and this is the FIRST one that EVER closed on the original closing date. Mr Reed was very happy with the deal. He had run into a lot of problems on other deals he had done and you restored his faith in real estate people. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I wish you much success in the future.” 

George Hannah: “I met John only once when he came to see the property in Fort Worth. He was very nice and professional.  Since I live out of town, we communicated via e-mail and maybe a couple phone calls.  It was a very pleasant transaction, the title company staff was very helpful with the closing they communicated with me and my sister which is in another city, got the closing papers to me via overnight express, so I would not have to drive in for the closing, which was extremely helpful.. We closed in about 30 days.  The whole process was flawless.. Thanks John and the title company staff.”

Anita Moore: “The transaction on my house went very smoothly.  John was a big help since I have been dealing with the loss of my mother.  So glad the sale happened quickly and was easy.  Thank you.”

Lanita Robertson: “John, you truly are a life saver.  Because of you I did not have to let the house go into foreclosure.  In addition, your patience and compassion kept the deal from falling through.  I would recommend your services to anyone.  Thanks for everything.”

James Guse: “So glad we could close my house so easily, no problems at all, thanks John!”

Vance Bridges: “Hi John, I am pleased and very happy with the entire process of selling my home in Benbook Texas.  Everything went well from the beginning of our negotiations until the end. Actualy, I didn’t have to do anything but make a few telephone calls and show up at the close.  All of the paperwork was ready for me and this process took about 15 minutes.  I would gladly recomend your services to others.  I am so happy it’s done!”

Bryan Davis: “Thanks John for all your help on the house, I am relieved to have it sold after having it listed and contracts falling through from other investors.  Very pleased with your results as well as the title company’s.  I am glad to help if you need anything further from me.”

Dennis & Jackie Harston:  “Thanks John, you were easy to do business with and we appreciate you following through and taking care of business as you said in regard to our house.  This was one of the easiest transaction we’ve ever had.”

Joi Huston: “John Pribble with Your Texas Home Buyers bought my house in Hurst Texas that I no longer wanted to deal with.  His follow-up was superb and he was easy to keep in touch with.  Thanks John!”

Robert Babbitt: “Dear Mr. Pribble, Thank you for the hard work. The sale of our house was made easier by your actions.  I work in 18 states. The value of a contract party delivering on stated performance is important. You did what you said you would do on time and in a professional manner.  I know that you will turn the property into a beautiful home for another family. We appreciate your work. Please let me know how we may help you in the future. I would be pleased to recommend your company to others that might need to sell a house fast and/or as is.”

Mary Dyson: “John, everything you told me is what happened.  I didn’t feel pressured and you and the title company were very nice.  They even wrote me a second check because of the trust.  I am so happy you bought the house fast and as is because I didn’t want to be involved in fixing it up.”

Paula Smith: “Everything was so smooth and easy.  The title company you used was very professional and answered all of our questions. The closing process went exceptionally well and I was very impressed.  It really helped that they allowed us to let us conduct the closing paper work via overnight mail and I did not have to travel to Fort Worth.  I am so happy you could buy my house fast and as is. Thanks John!”

Vinu Soni: “The whole transaction and closing was smooth and professional.  I thank you very much for buying my house fast John.”

Joe Rankin: “After 14 years, a tenant in a rental house I owned decided to move. Faced with considerable time and expense to update the property, I decided to try to sell. The first person I contacted made an offer but exercised an escape clause in the sales contract after he got a bid on the cost of repairs.  John then contacted me, made an offer and in three weeks we closed on the property. John certainly exceeded my expectations.  John, thanks for your time and efforts to make this a pleasant experience, I couldn’t be happier.”

Petra Norris: “John,  I would like to thank you to a smooth transaction.  I sold over 197 units in Fort Worth on behalf of my investor, some transactions took months to close.  After coming to a price agreement, you were by far the fastest and smoothest closing of all of them and for that I’m very grateful.”

Kampan & Linda Palasingam:  “The question was how to sell our house fast, without further loss of our investment.  The Guys from ‘We buy ugly houses’ did not offer us much, it was sad.  My wife and I decided do minimal upgrades and try to sell the house through the traditional means, when we received a postcard from John Pribble, YourTexasHomeBuyers.  He came to view the house and left. We thought, no way we would get any offer close to our asking price.  Surprisingly, the next day he offered us $20,000 more for the house than other Home Buying Investor groups.  The whole transaction was fast and easy.  John was very pleasant and we did not need to do any additional work to the house. It was a big relief for my wife and me and it turned out great.  I would highly recommend the ‘YourTexasHomeBuyers’ group.  The entire transaction was quick and stress free.”

Benny & Gloria Davis: “Dear John,  Benny and I just want to thank you for all you have done for us.  First of all when you contacted us about 4 years ago, we had no idea that you would become a friend to us. When you suggested interest in the house on San Saba Benny was still to grieved stricken to even talk about it. What impressed us was your sensitivity to his feelings. You have always been so polite and respectful on the phone to us and more so when we finally met in person. You have made the selling of the house so easy and painless.  We know that we probably could have sold the house for more money if we had waited longer, but when we met you Benny wanted you to have it and we both think that you are an honest and hardworking young man. We would recommend you to anyone who needed to sell their house to an investor, and wanted a fast and uncomplicated experience.  We wish you a future of immeasurable success, and good fortune. Thank you again for all you did to make it right for us.”

Nicole DiCarlo: “A huge thank you to John!  After struggling for years to take care of the finances and home of my deceased father, John stepped into the picture and offered to help. John exhibited a huge amount of patience and persistence in working through the sale of the house including negotiating with uncooperative family members. John’s follow through and communication were exemplary. His professionalism was much appreciated in the wake of a personal nightmare.  I would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” 

Tina Gagne: “John went above and beyond in assisting my sister and I, who reside in California, with a very difficult real estate transaction in Fort Worth Texas. John was extremely patient and willing to help in any way needed.  This included doing things that were not his responsibility but alleviated the need for my sister and I to come to Texas, including making trips to the courthouse to file and pick up documents, acting as an intermediary with the other parties involved in the transaction who were extremely hard to deal with, and making personal trips to gather signatures among other things. He walked us through everything step by step and was always available for questions.  I would recommend John to anyone having any type of real estate need.

Ray & Billie Stokes: “We recently sold a house in Fort Worth and without a doubt it was the smoothest and easiest sale that we have made.  John came and looked at the house and after doing some market comparisons made us what we considered to be a reasonable offer. Once the offer had been accepted everything flowed like clock work. We signed the contract and set a closing date. We were then left to clear our stuff out of the house. The title company mailed us copies of the signed contract and the title policy and confirmed the closing date. On the date of closing we were cordially welcomed at the title company and were through signing papers within fifteen minutes of arriving. The monies were wired to our bank that same day.  All said and done from John’s first visit to money in the bank was less than 30 days. No fuss of cleaning, repainting, and repairing the house. No crowds of real estate agents trooping through the house, no Looky Lou’s, no uncertainty over when we would have our money from the transaction. Everything was done in a courteous and professional manner.  In short, a pleasant, seamless, worry and concern free experience and we were glad to sell our as is.”

Dorothy Culwell: “John was honest and did everything he said he would do as well as make the transaction smooth and painless.  He was prompt with scheduled meeting and phone calls and we closed when I wanted.  It was a pleasure doing business with him on the sale of my house.”

John & Janet Olvera: “We really appreciated your services on the sell of our home in Hurst.  This was a difficult situation we were faced needing to get out from under the financial burden of our home, so that we could financially get back on track along with keeping our daughter in college at TCU.  The whole process was handled in a timely manner and we were very grateful for the time needed for moving out because of Christmas and extenuating circumstances on our new residence.  We really appreciated our questions being answered along the way, as this was the first time we went through “selling” a house.  You made a stressful and emotional situation a little easier for us and we were very grateful.  Thank you and May God Bless You!”

Ira King: “When I found my second dream home I needed to move fast. The price was right but I had to act fast.  I found an ad “Walk Away Today” in the local news paper. I was able to sell my house fast and move into my dream home.”

Faye Henderson: “My experience working with Mr. Pribble and his company was an enjoyable one.  They made me feel comfortable, were fair and took care of business in a timely manner. I have recommended John to family and friends.  I will call on them again if I sell other properties in Fort Worth.”

Walter Priddy:  “Thank you for a smooth transaction of purchasing my home.  You were professional, courteous, prompt, and helpful in the sale of my property.  I would recommend you to other sellers or use you again in my own transactions.”

Keith Rieders:  “I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help concerning my property in Fort Worth.  I found myself in a nightmare situation and you were my salvation.  When I first contacted you, I was behind on my payments on my rent house and I couldn’t afford to fix it up to sell.  I didn’t want the bank to take it and I didn’t know what I was going to do.  Not only that, but, my tenants had not paid me in 6 months are were also my in-laws.  You were extremely professional and handled everything long distance via email, phone and fax as I am a resident of FL.  Thank you for handling all the issues with the title company and taking over my loan on a house, as-is.   Perhaps most importantly, you helped me by handling the delicate situation of having to evict my in-laws.  I’m so glad I contacted you and that this trying situation is behind me.  Thank you for buying my house fast!”


From Listing and Buyer Representation Transactions:

Charles & Mary Spurgeon:John Pribble is very pleasant, very professional, and we have enjoyed doing business with him. He always kept us informed and we felt very comfortable about the sale of our home. We recommend him highly.

Leonard & Markita Peterson: “We were very satisfied with the service John provided us in the sale of our home. We have recommended him to several people and would use him again if the opportunity arose. Thanks, John!

Estuardo & Julia Torres:John, Thank you for your help in selling our home. I appreciate your hard work as you are well organized, with all the facts together. If I had to sell another house I most definitely would ask your professional expertise. Thank you again.

Duke & Melissa Jones:John shoots straight. Do what he asks you to do, he is the expert! We sold in 24 hours of listing, mostly because we did what he asked us to do.

Don Martin: Most positive experience in dealing with real estate that we have had. Never had to wait on John, he was always ahead of the curve.”

Patricia Renfro:I have recommended John’s service to several friends. He gave my mom and I valuable information regarding our sales. We appreciate all he has done.

Charlie & Janice Brown: John has an enthusiasm and positive attitude that really made this an experience we will treasure. We wish he was in Washington to help us when we buy there.

Susan Caylor:John answered all my questions and was in constant contact with me, could ask for nothing better.

Sadiq & Abbie Rehman:John answered all our questions and communicated well throughout the transaction.

Dennis & Cindy Conrad: John provided good advice about getting the property ready, pricing, and how to show it. He answered all our questions and was very helpful.

Bobbie & Stephanie Naillon:John was very easy to get in contact with at all times, and was always professional. He gave me great suggestions about how to get the house ready to show.

Lou Ella Denton:I got good advice for getting my house ready to sell, and I got a contract from each of the first two groups that looked at it.

Gloria Wright: John’s attitude was always very good, he was helpful and gave us information on whatever was needed.

Arville Sharp:John always kept us informed, was very thorough, very professional, and of the highest integrity.

David & Jana Coler: John seemed to have a good knowledge of the market in talking with him as a friend. He was honest and did what was necessary to sell our property quickly.

Shirley Faubion:If John could put up with two old ladies selling houses and still keep his sanity, he can handle almost anything. I loved his laid back, don’t worry attitude. The whole experience was a pleasure.

Justin & Kelly LaCrosse: We would definitely recommend John because he is very knowledgeable, sharp, thorough, and got the job done. We were very happy with him.

Bob & Anette Petry: John was honest! He answered all phone calls promptly and took care of all the problems immediately.

Rene Shults:John is very nice, down to earth, persistent, and not at all pushy. He had answers to all my questions and I could only recommend his extremely good service.”

Bradley & Ember Wilkie: We felt like we could trust John, he was able to move quickly and was proactive in the whole process.

Gwen Bivins:John is a professional and knows his business.

Bob Moss:Since the home being sold was vacant and I was not near it, I appreciate all of John’s help taking care of items that needed to be handled. I recommend him highly.”

Benjamin & Rotchana Narvaez:We were very satisfied with John’s work. He was very helpful and was readily available when we needed him.

Vivian Adkins:John has done a nice job and was very concerned about my needs. I was strict on not showing at night and he was so kind about it.

Dreda Adkins:John kept us well informed to what was going on at all times and was very considerate.

Richard & Becky Lockwood:John did an outstanding job in facilitating all the elements necessary to prepare our house for sale.

Greg & Heather Chandler:John handled the sale of our property professionally and with a caring and positive attitude.

Bobby White:John is very courteous and considerate of his customers individual wants and needs.

Bobby White:John is dependable, courteous, and working for your best interest.

Dana & Dee Chilson:We had a buyer in a week and our home sold for more than we expected.”

Danny & Cynthia Manross:John was very professional and willing to answer questions we asked.”

Ralph Walker:John did an excellent job of helping me sell and find a new home. He has a lot of patience.

Greg & Becky Walker:John was professional and quick to return our calls. We really appreciate all he did.

Shelley Clause:John was easy to work with, he returned calls promptly and was flexible in scheduling and location.

Ron & Robin Davis: We were happy that John sold our home in 10 days, and it was painless.”

Wanda Ford:I liked the fact that John was always so nice when I called with a foolish question. He never seemed to get upset, I will recommend him.”

Kenneth & Eunice Griffin: “John is totally into your needs, positive, and gets the job done.”

Damian & Melba Delgadillo:John was very helpful, friendly, and generous with his time, and we really appreciated it!

Buddy & Mary Crelia:John did a very good job for us. We couldn’t have asked for anything better or a more pleasurable experience.

Aaron & Laura Cummins:During the home buying process John was very reliable and always available. He was very knowledgeable and helpful as well.

Jason Pounds:John is a nice, personable guy, very helpful and knowledgeable.

Ricky & Cortnee Coomer: “We appreciate John’s persistence and attention to detail.

Frances Wilson:John made all tens.”

Coweta Crabtree:I was very pleased with John, I have already recommended him to others.

Gene & Frances Vaughan:We appreciated John’s persistence and his attention to detail.”

Jack & Helen McClurg:John was very helpful throughout the entire process. Very pleased with his service.”

Tom & Judy Eckrote:John kept in touch and throughout accurately explained the process, there were no surprises.”

Scott & Olivia Witherspoon:John knew what he was doing and he was easy going and patient.

Mark & Roxie Fehl: No high pressure, very comfortable to work with, a good guy!

Marie Thomas:John did not come across as a pushy salesman. I thought he was trying to get the best deal for me as well as himself. He was very flexible with his time to meet my needs.”

Jessie & Jeanette Cobb:John kept us informed and was on top of things.

Marie Hagler: “John did everything expected of him.”

Tom & Jennifer Cokeley: John is good. He is honest about his opinions on houses- the good and the bad.

Billy & Judy Smith:John is very professional and friendly.”

Wanda Hunter:It was good working with John on getting this house sold. I would recommend him fully.”

David King: John is hard working, prompt, available, and skillful.

Bruce & Fern Wymer:John had the ability to help us sell our house and made us feel comfortable.”

Jeff & Gladys Skinner:John really demonstrated knowledge and care for his profession.”

Arthur & Darlene Poats:John is a hard worker, a real go getter.

Brandon & Amber Murry:We were happy with everything! John was great.

Marjorie Cunningham:John was very nice and helpful.

Constance Loftin:John was able to pay attention to my special needs.”

Juan & Rosa Buruato: John did a wonderful job. We were well pleased with his help in this sale.”

Randolph & Debra Hopkins:John did a great job for us.

Charles & Lisa Herrington:John is very personable and professional.

Russ Watkins: John was very interested in selling the property and he did a great job.”

Angel & Myrna Aviles:John knows his job. He was interested in helping us and always stayed in touch with us.

Jill Ross:John was available and knowledgeable and he speaks the truth.

Francisco Maese:John was always concerned about the situation with my house.

Oscar & Lila Geddings:I would recommend John because of his professionalism and his ability to sell our house quickly.

Charlotte Porter: John is a young man that knows what to do and I think anyone would be happy to work with him.”

More to come!!