Attracting Private Money Lenders

ATTRACTING PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS: And 17 Vital Keys To Creating Wealth While Building A Profitable Real Estate Investment Business

  • Do you want to read a book on real estate that is based on real world practical application and not just theory?  That is to the point and easy to understand?
  • Do you want to know how to attract, communicate, present to, and build relationships with private money lenders?
  • Do you want to understand the best ways to operate all aspects of your real estate business in a way that is conducive to attracting private money and banks alike?
  • Do you want to see real world examples of deal structures? 

As full time practitioner of all of these concepts, John has written this book so that others can learn how to develop a profitable real estate business using private money lenders and bank financing.  Talking to others about loaning you money can be easy when you are confident in your expertise.

John discusses all the topics applicable to your real estate investment business and ties it all together by showing you how understanding each topic can help you to attract more private money lenders and grow your business.

Book Reviews!

“John’s 17 keys to creating sustainable wealth is a practical guide for real estate investors with principles that any small business owner can use to establish and improve relationships with important clients, make profitable deals, and create effective marketing strategies.” –Nathan Barnes, PhD

John has nailed real estate investing in this book. From a novice to the seasoned investor with 100 plus properties under their belt, everyone can learn something new in this book. If you want to get serious in real estate this is the book for you, all you have to do is take action!” –Nathan Poteet, Investor/Realtor

John is a leader in the field of real estate investing, and the instruction he provides in this book is some of the most comprehensive in the marketplace.  No matter if you’re new to real estate or if you’re a seasoned investor, John’s insight and easy-to-follow guidance is sure to take you to the next level.” –Lynn Boyer, Investor/Realtor/CPA

The magic of John’s book is not reading it but in what you do with the actual knowledge and experience John is giving you. His no nonsense approach to attracting private lenders has proven to work and is worth 1000 times the price of the book. Then you read his keys to Creating Wealth and “FOLLOW THE EXERCISES” and you are on your way to building a profitable and sustainable multi-million dollar net worth business.“ –Jeff Koepsell, Medical Device Entrepreneur and Corporate Business Coach

ATTRACTING PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS: And 17 Vital Keys To Creating Wealth While Building A Profitable Real Estate Investment Business

John PribbleAbout the Author: John L. Pribble, Jr. started his real estate career in 1999 at the age of nineteen, and earned his real estate license in 2000. Today he is a successful real estate broker in Fort Worth, TX. He has practiced many different strategies in his real estate business depending on market conditions. In addition to working with private money lenders, John has been successful in dealing with banks, wholesaling, rehabbing, subject-to, owner finance, rentals, short sales, foreclosures, brokerage and client representation and property management. When his rehabbing business began to grow John found it beneficial to utilize private money. As the market changed he shifted to more of a buy-and hold strategy buying rental properties.Private money and local bank financing became a great resource as he accumulated more properties. John has learned many important lessons from working with a variety of private lenders and their funds in his business. A great deal of effort has gone into marketing, lead tracking, management, and developing systems for a smooth and successful operation. He also works to maintain a balanced life, remaining focused on family, friends, and enjoying activities such as networking with others, climbing mountains, and spiritual growth.