Real estate investment businesses need to have private money lenders (PML’s) in order to be profitable.

Attracting Private Money LendersHowever, most real estate investors have questions that hinder their success with private money.

  • How do I get all the private money that I need for my real estate business?
  • What does my private money lender think about business and finance?
  • How do I present my business to private money prospects?
  • How do I get private money prospects interested in my business?
  • Can I learn all this from someone that has actually done it?

This book will answer these questions and so many more! I have done what you’re trying to do!

This book will show you how to set up and operate your real estate business step by step!

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John Pribble

Real estate Investor, Broker, and private money expert. Adventurer that lives life to the fullest. John is also the author of Attracting Private Money Lenders & 17 Vital Keys To Creating Wealth While Building A Profitable Real Estate Investment Business.